Carly & Cheyenne

The Leading Ladies

Hey hey! Carly and Cheyenne here. A little about us... we met in 2018 through a mutual photographer friend, worked a few weddings together and decided to join forces in 2019. We have loved every second of working together and look forward to creating so many more memories with the amazing couples we work with. 

Carly is the crazy plant lady of the team (for real, go check out her Instagram story- there is bound to be a plant photo or five there.) Burt is her best pup friend and is the goodest boy you'll ever meet. Now if you really want on her good side, you'll fill her Halloween candy bucket with tacos. Win win.

Cheyenne is Chick-Fil-A's number one fan and you can't convince her otherwise (proof is in the puddin'- she's a Red Member until the end of 2021 already). She's the "I'm THAT mom" to her sweet Addi Bee and smokin' hot wife to Wesley. If you decide to have mac-n-cheese instead of wedding cake, she may never leave your reception. You've been warned.

Enough about us! This part of your story is all about you, baby. We want to hear all about your first date, your awkward first kiss story, your most embarrassing moment and most importantly, the vision for your fairytale. 

Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me! 

and we are all about the butterflies.

this is your day